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The consultancy services provided by Paraflow include activities where the company's team has extensive experience, gained during the implementation of projects in various sectors and companies in its over twenty-year history. We focus on the goals of our customers, always looking for the most accurate solutions to achieve concrete results.


Paraflow's consultancy includes the following areas:

  • Business analysis that helps us determine tasks to reach our customers' goals.
  • IT audit that checks the current status and how the company’s processes work.
  • Project management - to make sure that the changes are successful, fast and quality, at the lowest cost and with minimum amount of resources. The main goal of project management is to achieve optimization and efficiency.
  • Training - because we believe that good business needs well-trained people and we are ready to share our knowledge and skills.


 Business analysis

  • Business analysis of a company / individual processes and activities for optimization purposes
  • Business analysis of companies / separate processes and activities to increase profit / reduce costs / improve quality / implement innovations / increase efficiency / reduce costs
  • Business analysis of a company / separate processes and activities for the purpose of implementing a software solution
  • Business analysis of the necessary management information (needs of references, analyzes, reports)
  • Business Analysis and Business Process Modeling
  • Business analysis gives real meaning to software products, strengthens processes, adds value to business, optimizes work, pursues goals, and helps achieve results. Business analysis helps the solutions sought to be tailored to the specifics of the business, the company, and the specific needs.


Business analysis is needed every time a solution is solved or a system is implemented, in order to:

  • Discover the real needs of the business and the specific optimization processes
  • Together, the right answers can be found about how the business can be fully satisfied with the implemented or necessary system
  • The benefit of the implemented or necessary system is increased
  • Describe or, if necessary, optimize the processes and daily activities of users.
  • Our goals include optimization and automation of activities, increased profit / cost reduction / quality improvement / innovation / efficiency enhancement, solution for implementation of optimization, automation and integration systems. We achieve this by examining the processes, examining the data available, the information flows, the need for accountability, analyzing the architecture. Paraflow has a specially developed business analysis methodology that follows the best practice in this field.

The areas we analyze cover:

  • Accounting, finance and budgeting
  • Logistics and warehousing
  • Production
  • Sales and purchases
  • Customer Relationship (CRM) and Customer Data
  • Data management
  • Reports, reports and analysis for management.


 IT audit   

  • Audit of information resources and their management
  • Software product audit
  • Information Infrastructure Audit
  • ISO Audit: ISO 27000
  • IT audit is needed to identify the state of the IT infrastructure and provide a competent opinion on questions asked with specific guidelines for their solution.

How do we do this?

  • We analyze the organization and the management of the IT resources, software products and infrastructure
  • We put specific metrics for analysis according to the goals set
  • We identify potential weaknesses, strengths, risks and optimization opportunities
  • We appreciate the processes of control, organization and regulation of the IT tasks with our clients, incl. Process continuity and risk assessment
  • Recommendations and findings for specific actions according to the objectives pursued and the audit performed
  • Find out what resources could be optimized after taking the proposed measures.


 Project management 

  • Project management is related to the implementation of the software solutions, IT infrastructure, business analysis, and IT audit
  • Establishing a project organizational structure for our clients; Implementation of Project Office, procedures and practices for project management
  • Project management consulting and management: scope management, stakeholder management, quality management, human resources project management, virtual team management, communication project management, asset management and organization, risk management.
  • In project management, Paraflow finds a way to effectively achieve the goals of our customers. Project Management aims to organize, control, and achieve a specific goal in accordance with the tasks, deadlines, scope, budget, quality.

How do we do this?

  • We use our own methodology, which is based on world-wide and well-established approaches and Paraflow's accumulated experience in a variety of sectors and projects
  • We pursue high quality in project management service and continually improve the skills of our specialists in the field
  • Introducing innovations in project management and continuous improvement
  • We acknowledge project management as a specialized service that we consider to be a key factor in managing change and the successful realization of goals.



The skills and knowledge of human resources turn employees into capital. Our efforts are focused on making practical trainings not only for acquiring new knowledge but turning that knowledge into skills and competencies that employees can use directly in their work to achieve results and goals. Our trainings bring a quick, measurable benefit to both the trainees themselves and the organizations they work in.

Our trainings include:

  • Business analysis
  • Project management
  • Products from Cisco Systems, Microsoft, Qlik, and others
  • Introducing and managing innovation in business
  • Innovative and creative thinking to achieve the goals set

The team of Paraflow awaits you for more information and advice.

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