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Paraflow maintains a service center with a hotline for accepting orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, in Sofia and the country.

The SERVICE DESK information system manages the registration, execution, control, and service request activities by automatically providing information to the customer about the status of the service.

Paraflow service is performed in accordance with the requirements of the standards: ISO 9001, ISO / IEC 27001 and
ISO / IEC 20000. Embedded systems for quality management, IT services and information security ensures high quality of service and strict compliance with agreed terms and conditions with customers.


Equipment service

Paraflow’s Service Center is equipped with state-of-the-art technology and has certified service specialists for diagnostics, troubleshooting and prophylaxis.

The following services are provided:

  • Warranty service in accordance with the manufacturer's warranty terms
  • Out-of-warranty service - post-warranty maintenance of the complete range of computer and office equipment
  • Extended warranty service - maintenance in the warranty period with agreed additional service commitments (on-site at the customer, guaranteed repair time, provision of running equipment, etc.).

Paraflow maintains the status of Authorized Service Provider of HP Inc., Hewlett Packard Enterprise, Brother, and Cisco Systems Service Partner.   




Technical support

Paraflow maintains a wide range of infrastructure, information and communication systems, solutions and equipment.


The quality of the support provided is guaranteed by:

  • professional team of over 65 certified experts in the field of modern IT technologies
  • Corporate policy for improving the qualification and specialization of technical experts
  • Technical equipment and equipped specialized technological laboratories
  • More than 20 partnerships and technical support contracts with leading technology companies and manufacturers.

Maintenance conditions are negotiated in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) as required by the customer. Service parameters are subject to constant control and monitoring to ensure strict execution of the commitments.


Outsourcing of IT services

The outsourcing service is designed for organizations that want to outsource management and maintenance processes to infrastructure, information and communication systems, solutions and equipment. Scope and conditions for outsourcing are negotiated in a Service Level Agreement (SLA) according to customer needs and requirements. The service allows the client to exercise constant operational control over the activities performed.

Benefits to the Business:

• Speed and expertise - Paraflow is specialized in IT services, it has the necessary technical equipment and certified experts for fast and quality implementation of the activities
• Reduce costs - outsourcing cancels the need to maintain an internal IT team, and staff costs and operating costs can be dramatically reduced
• Concentration on core business activities - Outsourcing of support processes releases organization resources for core business processes
• Risk Sharing - Outsourcing helps the organization transfer responsibilities to a supplier who can manage risks more efficiently and competently.



 Paraflow Green Print

Green Print is an integrated office management solution. It helps reduce costs and improve accountability in the organization. The main advantages of the solution are the optimization of the load on the individual devices and the increase of printing security. Green Print is applicable to organizations of varying sizes and business orientation, with an initial small investment.

Technological partners:  HP INC.

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