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Add2List | Microsoft 365

Add2List is a simple but powerful solution, designed to help marketing users when dealing with segmentation outside Dynamics CRM (e.g. Power BI, Qlik or Excel). The solution provides an easy to use interface built in Dynamics CRM which allows users to import marketing lists from external systems such as Excel by using Add2List Requests. These requests search for existing customers (Accounts, Contacts or Leads) by a given identifier (such as email, mobile phone or social security number) and create Marketing Lists automatically populated with all the matching customers as members. The concept is demonstrated below.

A new request is submitted - go to Marketing – Add2List Requests – New

The marketing user fills out the name of the Marketing List to be created, the customer type to search for (Account, Contact or Lead) and the field name to search in – the Identifier (the schema name - in this case emailaddress1).

In the Entries multiline text field the user can copy / paste a list of identifiers (such as email addresses) directly from Excel, PowerBI or any other external system – even as an output of a custom SQL query.

Upon request submission (Save button), the Add2List solution creates the specified Marketing List and executes a number of search queries (depending on the number of entries) against the CRM database to find the matching customers and add them to the list.

After the processing is complete, Status indicator shows the number of customers that are added to the list

Features at a glance

• Import marketing lists from external systems such as Excel • Search for Accounts, Contacts or Leads • Provide any identifier field such as email, phone. Supports custom fields. • Overcomes the limit of 2000 search conditions / entries



The Add2List solution is a standalone add-on for Dynamics CRM. The solution does not expose or rely on any data or services related to CRM organizations/deployments (on-premises or online) where it is deployed. Therefore Paraflow Communications Ltd. does not collect any personal or business related information by means of the Add2List solution.

 Trial version -  Microsoft AppSource


For any further information and consultations, please do not hesitate to contact the Paraflow's Team.



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