Congratulations of clients and partners for 20th anniversary of Paraflow

For the great wishes on the occasion of our anniversary, for the happy moments, as well as for the difficult ones overcome together during these twenty years, for the discoveries, for the trust, for the shared toasts and most of all for the partnership and friendship THANK YOU!

Paraflow's team

Happy anniversary! The whole Raiffeisen team wish you another 20 x 20 to be still responsive professionals, ready to do the impossible for the client. Cheers!

Svetoslav Nikolov, Head of Central Procurement & Cost Management Department, Raiffeisenbank (Bulgaria)

We wish the whole team a lot of health, inspiration and motivation! For twenty years you have been offering the best solutions for institutions and businesses and let this anniversary mark the beginning of the greatest and most significant successes for you! We wish you more satisfied customers and the creation of new long-term partnerships! Be still excellent professionals and the best in your business!

The team of NRA Information Center

Happy 20th birth day! We wish you to continue writing your unforgettable story for many more 20 years! We wish you to continue professionally supporting the bulgarian business with innovative and creative solutions. It is a pleasure for us to have a partner like Paraflow.

The team of EOS Bulgaria

Let your watch is ticking (the clock of your logo) at least 5 more times in 20 years!

Georgi Pisin Project Manager, EEMEA, CANCOM on line GmbH

Dear colleagues, On behalf of the entire team of Microsoft Bulgaria, we would like to congratulate you on your 20th anniversary! We wish you the next 10 years to be filled with a turbulent, productive, profitable and memorable "youth". Thank you for your efforts and partnership so far and we tremble in anticipation of what lies ahead.

The team of Microsoft Bulgaria

I wish you much success and happiness from the achieved goals! Let's just go forward and up! Best regards and Be Happy,

Rumen Rangelov, System Administrator, Happy Bar & Grill

Happy birthday Paraflow! Be always successful and cool partners! Nice people and nice parties! Good luck for the next 20 years!

Vladimir G. Kanev, UBB

Happy 20th birthday, friends from Paraflow! Оn behalf of myself and my colleagues wish to thank you for your professionalism, your propriety and your quality of work process.

Plamen Rashkov, Head of Infrastructure Construction and Maintenance Department, Corporate Commercial Bank

Happy anniversary, Paraflow! Proven correctness and high professionalism! Wishing you prosperity for many years to come! Happy Birthday!

Svetla Tsanova, IT Manager, Curtis Instruments, Inc.

Happy 20th birthday! We wish ypu a lot of interesting projects, high business results and personal happiness.

Nadia Krysteva, Editor in Chief, CIO Bulgaria, ICT Media

Congratulations to PARAFLOW for completing 20 years of success in business. You have achieved tremendous growth and have built eminent branch name in the IT . You have always tried to provide the best product and its services to customers. Your services are always marvelous and appreciable. When you began your business there was very healthy competition in the market but you with your diligence faced it and have built an eminent position in the market. It’s our pleasure that we are working with you from last many years and we have always found fruitful results in our work experience. Congratulations from all of us for your wonderful journey of 20 years of success and we hope the same for the future also. We hope your firm reaches to new heights in the coming days. We wish you all the best for your future.

Vangelis Hadjiloizos, IT Manager, PIRAEUS BANK BULGARIA

Hello colleagues! On behalf of our Cisco office in Bulgaria, I express my sincere gratitude for the fact that for 20 years you have been providing successful and extremely high quality services to customers of IT equipment and solutions in Bulgaria!

CONGRATULATIONS 20y. ANNIVERSARY, PARAFLOW! You have proven to be one of the top IT integrators in Bulgaria and it is an honor for Cisco to be part of your product portfolio. I express my personal congratulations to Mr. Avramov, who managed to motivate some of the most talented and intriguing personalities in our industry to be a long-term part of Paraflow "dream team" even in the most difficult times for our business !!!

Congratulations to all the professionals who work at Paraflow! I hope for even closer cooperation, leading to greater success for both our companies and our customers!


The office of CISCO in Bulgaria

Happy birthday, dear partners from Paraflow! This year your party is in Planet, we wish you to celebrate your next anniversary on another planet! Forward and up!

Reichle and De-Masari Bulgaria Production

After 20 years of innovation, professionalism and business support, follow the spirit of change, with which you have always been number 1!

Tsanko Pachev, Infrastructure Architect, IT Strategy and Architecture Unit, IT Department, GBS Division, UniCredit Bulbank

Paraflow helps us to have control in every day and hour when a problem arises in front of us. Thank you for the correct attitude and quick execution of each case. It is a pleasure for us to have a partner like you. Happy Birthday and many more successes!

Milena Yaneva, Business Development Manager, Happytour

With wishes for at least another 100 years of success, sales and realized plans!


Congratulations on the 20th anniversary of the beginning of Paraflow Communications Ltd. During these years you have proven your high professionalism in the construction, management and security of information and communication infrastructures in the public administration, education system, industry. Despite the challenges over the years, your business is growing successfully, as evidenced by the many positive reviews of your customers and the quality certificates you have defended. HAPPY ANNIVERSARY!

Sofia Municipality, Mladost District

Уважаемый господин Генов!

Мы искренне рады поздравить фирму «Парафлоу» со знаменательной юбилейной датой Двадцатилетием со дня основания! Ваша плодотворная деятельность по реализации программного обеспечения, компьютерных технологий и техники неизменно вызывает доверие клиентов, которое безусловно повышается! Мы хотим пожелать, чтобы Вы не останавливались на достигнутом - покоряйте новые вершины, завоёвывайте любовь потребителей! Уверены, что Вы и в дальнейшем будете стабильным, надежным партнером, что позволит еще больше укрепить репутацию и повысить имидж Вашей компании! Желаем Вам и Вашим сотрудникам крепкого здоровья, большого семейного счастья, повышения благосостояния, замечательных друзей и скорейшего воплощения в реальность всех Ваших планов и идей!

От имени коллектива Представительства «Газпром экспорт» А.Н. Москалёв

Be the opportunity you are looking for! Be a brilliant Success! Be! Happy 20th!

Natalia Ilieva, Service Account Manager, Enterprise Security Services, HP Enterprise Services

Happy 20th anniversary, Let these 20 years be just the beginning! Be distinguished by charm, professionalism and correctness and be an example for everyone else! We wish you to easily overcome the obstacles, to go only upwards and to make your every dream come true!

Aleksandar Merodiyski, Head of Marketing Department, CAD R&D Center PROGRESS The team of CAD R&D PROGRESS

Happy birthday Paraflow! Congratulations to all colleagues and friends from Paraflow Communications Ltd. on the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company. We wish them health, personal happiness, professional success and many satisfied customers and partners. Congratulations!


Friends from Paraflow, Happy birth day! Many more 20 years and still in the right direction!


Nice people, Just catch the wave, keep the direction, target the sky!

Vanya Vladeva, Sales Operations Manager,Beauty Care, Henkel Bulgaria EOOD

I wish you many more years of successful development!

Stoyan Boev, Managing Director ,INTERCONSULT Bulgaria Ltd.

I sincerely hope that after coming out of your teenage years you will overcome all the challenges to celebrate your 200th anniversary together!

Danail Petrov, Head of IT&Organization, BNP Paribas

Happy 20th birthday Paraflow! Another 20 x 20 years of successful system integrations, innovative projects and flying in the cloudsе.

The team of Kaldata

Happy anniversary! With a wish to achieve even more enviable success, to realize even the boldest and most ambitious plans and always have a reason for joy, holidays and bonuses.

The team of Enterprise magazine

HAPPY BIRTH DAY TO THE WHOLE TEAM OF PARAFLOW COMMUNICATIONS! We wish you to be healthy, inspired and non-standard, to have many more years and occasions for celebration and fun. The clients to be generous and satisfied with working together, and for the competition to treat your professionalism with respect and esteem.

Accounting company Veronik

It was a pleasure for me to be a part of Paraflow's story and it is an honor that we continue to work together now!

Iliana Simbaeva, Microsoft Bulgaria

I wish Paraflow a lot of success on both the Bulgarian and international markets! And at least another 100 years! Happy holiday and greetings to all!

Victoria Stefanova, a former Paraflow employee, currently lives in Switzerland

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