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COVID-19 message

Dear Clients,

We have been following the COVID-19 epidemic very closely and the instructions of the competent authorities. We assure you that we are committed to safeguarding our employees and take all necessary measures for their safety and productivity.

During these unprecedented times we have to take care and protect all of our customers, partners and employees from spreading the virus. As a modern technology company, we have exported most of our activities to a virtual environment without interrupting our daily communication with you.

We continue to work hard and fulfill our commitments to you with high professional responsibility.

We retain all of our usual ways of communication . If you notice any interruption or difficulty in using our services, do not hesitate to alert us immediately on phone +359 700 10 887 or by email:

We wish health to all of you! We hope that we will soon be able to return to the normal way of life and work!

Paraflow’s Team


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