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Effective Office Printing Management helps reducing costs and improving accountability

„We have been offering an integrated print management solution "Green Print" in partnership with HP Inc. for the past five years. Our solution helps to optimization of the load on the individual devices, to increase printing security and reducing the need for IT maintenance. Green Print is applicable to organizations of different size and business orientation. In addition, customers can rely on Paraflow's service center at any time. Also, we have certified specialists for diagnostics, troubleshooting and prevention, said Geno Genov, Director Planning and Development, Paraflow Communications Ltd.

„HP and Paraflow are successful partners for many years. mosaid Natalia Vicheva, Key Partners Manager. HP Inc. In today's connected world the security of printers and multifunction devices is essential. Among other benefits, HP multifunction printers include many security features that protect devices, data and documents from modern hacker attacks, said Natalia Vicheva, Key Partners Manager. HP Inc.

HP and Paraflow’s event is held in Sofia, Bulgaria on 31 October 2017.


Market Share based on HP Internal View (Only HP Targeted Market). * Includes MF and SF printers ** HP Internal view aligned with HP GBU

Sources: Source:17CQ2 IDC Worldwide Quarterly HCPT for Ink and Laser (incl SF+MF excludes GSB)) and IDC LFP Tracker (CQ217); 17CQ2 IDC LFP Final WW Market Share Static Tool and 17CQ2 IDC Indigo_ PWP WW Final Market Share Static Offline Tool

Sources: *IDC Worldwide Quarterly PC Tracker, Workstation Tracker and ECD Thin Client Tracker (17CQ2); ** HP internal financial units fiscal 16CQ2-17CQ2, PC clients.


For any further information and consultations, please do not hesitate to contact the Paraflow's Team.



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