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HP: The next generation of printing

Smart. Secure. In color.

Next generation technology that completely transforms the copier experience for both customers and service professionals.

The workforce, in turn, expects more from their devices: smarter connectivity, greater versatility, proven reliability, and robust security. And printers are no exception; workers accustomed to a world of smart devices and one-touch connectivity won’t-and can’t-settle for yesterday’s printing technology.

Today, excellent print quality is expected, and almost every printer is already fast enough. A productive workforce also needs printers that are more adaptable, more versatile, and more connected: not just individually secure, but serving as an effective line of defense against hackers and network intrusion; not just delivering output, but actively helping make the work possible.

HP A3 managed MFPs and printers are leading the way.

Smart devices for smarter printing

The office of the future has reshaped the way we work and collaborate. Since companies are expecting more from the workforce—and the workforce is expecting more from connected devices and equipment—they’re now collaborating with connected devices in order to get the job done.

HP A3 managed MFPs and printers are highly connected smart devices that exceed expectations on every front, so you can exceed yours.

Maximum productivity

Capture and produce content quickly, easily, and accurately with HP JetAdvantage Workflow Solutions. These solutions empower you with customised features for content creation, management, communication, and digitisation:

• Accelerate workflow, improve accuracy, and easily connect people throughout your organisation. Complete high-volume scan jobs super-fast—up to 240 ipm—and avoid extra steps with a Flow MFP designed for maximum productivity. • HP Capture and Route enables your team to control and track scanned content, and distribute documents with the touch of a button to back-office applications, fax lines, online destinations such as Microsoft SharePoint, as well as cloud-based repositories.

• HP Embedded Capture simplifies document digitisation with pre-configured workflow templates.

HP А4 Multifunctional printer (MFP)

Expect brilliant color prints from advanced MFPs, equipped with JetIntelligence technology. Offering the world’s most secure printing and a wide range of paper handling features, this is printing that helps save time and simplifies workflows.


For any further information and consultations, please do not hesitate to contact the Paraflow's Team.


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