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HPE: Protection of data processing and storage

Paraflow is a Gold Partner of Hewlett Packard Enterprise and has many years of experience in the integration, design and construction of data centers, backup disaster recovery centers, complete infrastructure solutions, a wide range of data storage, protection and archiving systems. Our specialists are certified engineers, constantly maintaining their professional skills, according to the latest technologies and good practices.

Our mission is to contribute to the success of your company by providing: reliable protection of company data; reduce the risks of business-critical data loss; increase productivity and facilitate resource management by implementing solutions designed based on careful analysis of your needs.

Paraflow brings to your attention two solutions related to ensuring reliable protection of your data centers:




Data protection of any organization is a critical business process that faces a number of challenges. From mastering the ever-increasing volume of data, to the ever-shorter time allotted for the process of their protection. Achieving a balance between these two components is key to the optimal data protection of any company.

Symptoms that determine the need for data protection in any organization:

  • Data Growth: By adding new servers and disk space, you may need to add more data protection devices to fit in the process time. Costs may increase due to the simultaneous execution of several processes, the management of additional devices, the storage of more tape media.

  • Prolonging the data protection process: if the devices cannot complete the process in the allotted time, it can continue during business hours. This may mean a loss of performance for user systems, or may require termination of parts of the process.

  • Data protection process unreliability: The complexity of managing multiple devices, as well as the potential for data to exceed the capacity of tape media, can lead you to admit that your data protection process is not reliable enough.


1. Back up your data with a solution that:

  • provides performance designed to meet growing volumes of data and shrinking time to protect them. Record multiple parallel data streams on a single device at speeds up to 100TB per hour. In practice, if your competitors need 8 hours of data protection, we can complete the same task in 2.5 hours. And we can do it with up to 75% better price-performance ratio.

  • grows in line with the growth of data - thanks to the modular architecture, ready to meet future needs, you can start with a small installation and expand it to 768TB (raw) or 512TB (usable space) without stopping work, simply by adding additional extensions modules as needed.

  • Reduces your data protection costs - Hewlett-Packard solutions use StoreOnce deduplication to make the most of disk space and reduce the amount of data you need to store on disk. Instead of saving copy after copy of the same data, make a one-time copy of the unique blocks of data and place pointers to them without saving them again. With Hewlett-Packard solutions, you can protect more than 10PB of data by drastically reducing the cost of each gigabyte of disk space.

  • It's easy to use, even in complex configurations - just choose the HP StoreOnce solution that fits your needs. Configure 8 to 384 stand-alone data streams from a wide range of platforms and consolidate them on a single data protection disk drive, no matter what platform, network, data protection application, or interface you use. Control the whole process from one place, through the console of your data protection application.

  • offers high availability - with the latest HP StoreOnce enterprise solutions, you can be sure that your data protection systems are available at all times. Hewlett-Packard solutions are specially designed with full redundancy of all components and automatic restart to avoid a single point of failure.

2. Consolidate multiple data streams on a single data protection disk drive


Recent studies show an increasing trend in the number of remote offices and branches of enterprises, and that up to 50% of the company's data can be stored outside the main data center. Protecting this data can be a particular challenge where IT resources are limited or scarce, which is often the case for remote sites.

If the responsibility for data protection in your enterprise and remote offices is yours, you are likely to face some of the following challenges:

  • Data is at risk - backing up data and bringing it to the main data center is often outsourced to IT professionals. As a result, copying can be unreliable at best, or completely neglected at worst.

  • Increased costs - hiring IT managers at remote sites, or sending staff from the headquarters to solve data protection problems, can be seen as a waste of resources. Transporting tape media or transferring data backups over a WAN can further increase costs;

  • Downtime - There are performance losses caused by delays in recovering lost or damaged files in the remote office.


1. Improve data protection in remote offices and branches with a solution that:

  • frees local staff - Hewlett-Packard offers technology to automatically copy your data every day, and tape storage can be eliminated

  • is easy to manage by data center staff - no need to hire local staff. Data backups from up to 384 remote offices can be collected on a single device in the data center, with the entire process being managed centrally from a single location through the data protection application console.

  • guarantees you data in the data center - Hewlett-Packard has highly reliable industrial-grade data protection devices.

  • is available in different variants depending on your budget - HP StoreOnce allows you to deduplicate data anywhere using the same algorithm, using affordable software or low-cost devices for each branch.

  • allows flexible configuration - no matter which HP StoreOnce solution you choose, your deduplicated data can be moved automatically between your remote or regional offices and primary and backup data centers using one-to-many and cascaded copying technologies.

  • can grow with you - you can start with a small installation and expand it to 768TB (raw) or 512TB (usable space), achieving protection of data volumes up to 10PB (at a deduplication ratio of 20: 1);

  • offers the best cost - HP StoreOnce can offer a 75% price / performance advantage over the nearest competitor. You can use devices in VTL target or NAS target mode, and to replicate data between devices, simply purchase replication licenses for them only. The more remote objects you protect, the more money you save.

  • reduces the cost of sending data to another site You only send deduplicated data over slower connections for more efficient network use and as a cheaper way to deploy data replication between your sites.

2. Centralize data backup and disaster recovery data from multiple of your remote offices on a single device in the data center.


  • The volume of data worldwide in 2009 amounted to 0.8ZB (1ZB = 1 trillion GB), and in 2020 will reach 35ZB (IDC)

  • If the amount of data worldwide in 2011 is recorded on DVD, the length of the spindle will be equal to the distance to the moon and vice versa

  • In 1 year, one of the 500 data centers suffered a serious accident

  • 43% of companies whose data center is hit by a disaster or accident do not survive

  • 93% of companies that lose their data centers in more than 10 days go bankrupt after one year


For any further information and consultations, please do not hesitate to contact the Paraflow's Team.

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