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HPE SimpliVity

For IT leaders struggling to achieve the agility and economics of the cloud, with the control and governance of on-premises IT, HPE SimpliVity 380 delivers a powerhouse hyperconverged solution - running some of the world’s most efficient and resilient data centers. A market and customer satisfaction leader, the solution dramatically simplifies IT by combining all infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualized workloads onto the bestselling server platform in the market.

HPE SimpliVity 380, available on HPE ProLiant DL380 Gen9 Servers, is a compact, scalable 2U rack-mounted building block that delivers server, storage, and storage networking services. It also delivers a complete set of advanced functionality that enables dramatic improvements to the efficiency, management, protection, and performance of virtualized workloads—at a fraction of the cost and complexity of today’s traditional infrastructure stack.

TCO Savings

HPE SimpliVity 380 assimilates 8 to 12 core data center functions such as the hypervisor, compute, storage, storage network switching, backup, replication, cloud gateway, caching, WAN optimization, real-time deduplication, and more. It delivers the performance, reliability, availability, security, efficiency, backup, and disaster recovery that enterprises expect, in a fully integrated, easy-to-deploy system. Furthermore, the HPE SimpliVity solution consolidates these capabilities into a single x86 building block that scales out with additional nodes, resulting in up to three-fold TCO savings.

Cloud economics with enterprise capabilities

Enterprises today seek the agility, elasticity, and affordability promised by cloud computing. However, IT organizations also want the performance, reliability, and resiliency of on-premises infrastructure. HPE SimpliVity 380 delivers both. Independent studies show that running virtual machines on on-premises HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure is 22% to 49% less expensive than running them in a comparable Amazon Web Services environment, when considering total costs over a three-year period.

Features and benefits

• Fully integrated system: Combines x86 resources, storage, and storage networking in a single hyperconverged system. Simplifies management and delivers great cost efficiency and agility with increased visibility and control. • Peak and predictable performance: The all-flash solution provides predictable and linear performance at near‑wire speeds with reduced latency. Hardware-assisted inline deduplication, compression, and optimization helps minimize I/O and network traffic, improving performance while delivering great storage and bandwidth efficiency. • Scale in and scale out: Easily expand or shrink configurations as your needs change. Each node supports a large number of fully protected virtual machines (VMs), with the networked collection of nodes at both local and remote sites managed as a single entity. • VM centricity and mobility: Enables all actions, policies, and management at the VM level. Global unified management and integration with established administrative systems streamline operations and improve IT agility. • Dramatic TCO reduction: Drastically reduce the need to purchase multiple discrete components, optimize storage capacity with guaranteed 10:1 data efficiency, and prevent over-provisioning for performance and capacity with on‑demand expansion.

Simplifying IT

Today’s infrastructure complexity problem is caused by antiquated data architectures not suited for modern virtualized and cloud-integrated applications. The OmniStack Virtual Controller powers HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure and the OmniStack Accelerator Card. HPE SimpliVity’s enabling technology, along with the OmniStack Data Virtualization Platform, delivers three breakthrough innovations:

1. Guaranteed data efficiency: Only HPE SimpliVity hyperconverged infrastructure deduplicates, compresses, and helps optimize all data globally, improving performance, guaranteeing 90% capacity savings across storage and backup.4 2. Built-in resiliency and data protection: Only HPE SimpliVity delivers a resilient hyperconverged infrastructure platform, including built-in backup and replication that helps eliminate the use of legacy solutions. 3. Global VM-centric management and mobility: Only HPE SimpliVity delivers policy-based, VM-centric management to simplify day-to-day operations and enable data mobility, increasing productivity.

Powerhouse hyperconverged infrastructure

HPE SimpliVity 380 A modern data architecture provides unmatched efficiency, performance, and resiliency Complete hyperconvergence Integrated compute, storage, and virtualization — with advanced data services for data efficiency, data protection, and VM-centric management and mobility.

Advanced data services

• Policy-based, VM-centric management to streamline operations • Built-in resiliency, backup, and disaster recovery for data protection • Always-on deduplication and compression for reduced capacity utilization by up to 10X — guaranteed2 Capitalize on HPE ProLiant Gen10 Enhance performance with new HPE ProLiant Gen10 features including: • HPE Secure Encryption—data-encryption-at-rest (DARE) with local and remote/central key management secures your sensitive data and complies with regulations such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley New Intel® Xeon® Scalable Processors provide faster transaction processing with up to 71% performance boost over the previous generation • Up to 66% greater memory bandwidth increases application performance for memory-intensive applications with upgraded HPE SmartMemory • Ample speed and increased power efficiency boosts performance and maximizes uptime with HPE Smart Array Gen10 RAID controllers

The HPE ProLiant DL380 Server is the world’s best-selling server, according to the CQ1’16 IDC Server Tracker.

Modern data architecture 

Modern IT leaders face a dilemma. The cost and complexity of traditional IT leaves few resources to focus on transformative projects and innovation—let alone a worry-free environment. And while public cloud promises greater speed and agility, going all-in on cloud isn’t possible for business-critical workloads where performance, protection, privacy, and control are paramount.

If you’re struggling to achieve the agility and economics of the cloud with enterprise-grade performance and protection, HPE SimpliVity 380 is the answer.

This all-flash, pre-integrated, hyperconverged building block dramatically simplifies IT by combining all hyperconverged infrastructure and advanced data services for virtualized workloads—including VM-centric management and mobility, data protection and guaranteed data efficiency — with the world’s best-selling server platform, the HPE ProLiant DL380 Server.

In addition to medium and large all-flash configurations, HPE is redefining entry-level hyperconverged infrastructure offerings by introducing extra-small and small solutions in single and dual-socket configurations, priced right for small to midsized business and remote and branch offices. These solutions offer all flash storage at 20% lower cost, twice the performance and half the latency of leading competitive offerings, plus built-in backup and recovery data protection — all at a very attractive price point.

Power and protect your virtualized infrastructure with cloudlike agility

Simplified VM management and mobility  

  • Rapidly deploy and scale hyperconverged building blocks to meet changing demands.

  • Manage VM environments quickly and easily using the intuitive and familiar VMware® vCenter® interface.

  • Single interface to view all data centers and remote/branch offices (ROBOs).

  • Manage resources in a federated pool and seamlessly move data across sites.


  • Powerful data protection with built-in resiliency, back-up and disaster recovery

  • Mitigate data loss and ransomware risk with the highest levels of resiliency, built-in resilience, backup, and disaster recovery (DR).

  • Simplify and accelerate DR and provide VM protection across primary and secondary sites with integrated and automated HPE SimpliVity RapidDR.

  • Rapidly recover with native backup features that guarantee 60 seconds or less (on average) to back up or recover a 1 TB VM.2

  • Secure sensitive data such as HIPAA and Sarbanes-Oxley with HPE Secure Encryption—a level-1 validated solution that secures your sensitive data-at-rest.


  • 10x reduction in data center devices when deploying HPE SimpliVit.3

  • Reduce total cost of ownership by 2.8X compared to traditional IT,3 and up to 2X compared to public cloud.4

  • Reduce capacity utilization by up to 10X across primary and backup storage—guaranteed—with always-on deduplication and compression.2

  • Deliver peak and predictable application performance with a modern data architecture that out paces any other hyperconverged solution.

  • Optimize uptime with support for your entire solution provided by HPE Pointnext services, plus take advantage of HPE Flexible Capacity pay-per-use pricing

  • Support high-end graphics virtualization with NVIDIA® GPUs.

Start innovating now! There’s no need to wait. Contact your authorized HPE SimpliVity 380 sales representative to find out how you can start enjoying the benefits of hyperconvergence.

What makes HPE SimpliVity 380 different from other solutions?

Simple - Intuitive VM-centric management streamlines operations and empowers IT generalists. Powerful - A modern data architecture powers and protects some of the world’s most efficient and resilient data centers. Efficient - Achieve superior data efficiency with 90% capacity savings across production and backup storage - guaranteed - with always-on deduplication.2


For any further information and consultations, please do not hesitate to contact the Paraflow's Team.


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