Internship Program 2020

The leading Bulgarian IT company Paraflow Communications announces Internship Program. It gives to young people the chance for practical training with new information technologies and work in a professional business environment.

The selected trainees in the new program will have the opportunity not only to learn about the functioning of the company closely, but will also be involved in real cases and projects. 

Programme range

Paraflow’s Internship Program is intended for students from these specialties: Computer Systems and Technologies, Communication Engineering and Technologies, Telecommunications, Mathematics and Informatics, Information Systems, Information Security, Software Engineering, Computer Science, Network Technologies, Business Informatics.

Terms and conditions for application

To participate in the program the students must have motivated to acquire skills and knowledge in IT. The candidates may apply to the programme by filling: ONLINE APPLICATION FORM

or send CV and cover letter to email: jobs@paraflow.bg

In the cover letter, the candidates have to describe their skills, interests and ambitions for the future. To interview will be admitted only those candidates, who have been selected by documents.

Programme content

The Internship Program is appropriate to students, who have knowledge and are interested in those directions:

  • Business management solutions

  • Software solutions 

  • Network solutions 

  • Technical support and service

  • Sales

At the beginning, there will be a basic training for approved candidates to learn about the company's activities and departments.

Each of them will work on specific tasks, related to projects implemented by the company.

There will be provided a rich library of specialized literature and technical labs.

The internship lasts from one to three months. 

Internship attestation

Each one of the interns will receive an individual assessment of its supervisor, a recommendation and a remuneration.

An internship contract will be signed with the approved candidates.

A permanent contract can be offered to the applicants with best performance.

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