Nikolay Avramov: Successful implementation requires clear processes and a clear vision

interview for CIO Magazine

While we’re working we believe that every new technology has to be known very well from our team

Nikolay Avramov - Director of Paraflow Communications, Manager Magazine

While we’re working we believe that every new technology has to be known very well from our team and to be available to the client, said Nikolay Avramov - Director and Co-Founder of Paraflow Communications, Manager Magazine

- Mr. Avramov, are 20 years enough for a company to be a leader in its sector?

- If the company does not become leaders for the first 5 years, it will not succeed for the next 50 years. The most important organizational skill is the motivation of individual specialists, consultants and the whole team. At the same time, the motivation in the IT sector depends on the interesting work. That's why I make sure that every project is innovative and challenging. While we’re working we believe that every new technology has to be known very well from our team and to be available to the client

- What is the most innovative technology implemented by your team?

- The project that created us as a company was the National Network of State Administration. The project started in 1998 and lasted for more than 14 years, most of the time working without any funding. We are proud that the idea and the realization were ours. Another iconic project of ours was the largest VPN network in Europe, which brought together over 3,000 schools in 2006.

- How do customer‘s requirements for system integrators of IT solutions change? And accordingly, how do you respond to them?

- Customers had far more modest opportunities 20-25 years ago. Then they were very well technological informed and they chosed the solutions. At the moment, customers are looking for low prices, and we have to choose which is the best and most effective solution for them. Now, our customers are valuing us more because we are always "a little" more informed and we're managing to offer better solutions.

- What is your definition of a successfully completed IT project?

- When the customer is satisfied and came for a new one. We are working on projects that have short deadlines, economic sense and specifically expected results. The customers are impatient and want things to happen faster. Thus, one year became the longest period for realization of even the most complex project.

- What is the advantage of the Bulgarian IT companies? How do you expect the sector to develop in our country in the coming years?

- The competition is fierce. I am definitely "for" the outsourcing companies in our country, which sell services abroad. Although, there are many IT companies that operate in the local market. In recent years, commercially oriented IT companies have disappeared. I expect the trend to continue. I also expect, the government will try to intervene more actively in the implementation of the projects through the prepared law on e-government.

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