HP: Secure Printing Services

HP Security Manager offers a simple, intuitive process for securing your fleet. Efficiently deploy and monitor devices by applying a single security policy across the fleet, and secure new HP devices as soon as they are added to your network with HP Instant-on Security. Actively maintain and verify compliance with your defined security policies using HP Security Manager’s automated monitoring and risk-based reporting. Rely on the automatic deployment and updating of identity certificates that strengthen information security while significantly reducing administrative overhead.

How HP Security Manager secures your fleet

HP Security Manager offers a simplified approach to HP fleet security that strengthens compliance and reduces risk.

HP SureStart

The printer’s BIOS is a set of boot instructions to initiate hardware components and load the HP FutureSmart firmware. HP SureStart validates the integrity of the BIOS image.

If validation of the primary BIOS image fails the device providing a self-healing capability.


Whitelisting validates the integrity of firmware system files during the load process. If validation fails the device reboots and holds at the preboot menu to prevent a potential malware exploit from executing.

Runtime intrusion detection

Intrusion Detection detects potential malware intrusions in system memory. Firmware runs in the background to validate the memory space and reboots the device if a possible intrusion is detected. If the Auto-recover feature is disabled, or a possible intrusion occurs twice within 30 minutes, the device reboots and holds at the preboot menu to prevent a potential malware exploit from executing. The device will attempt to wait until in process print jobs have been cancelled to reboot.

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