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#Paraflow offers a wide range of flexible solutions based on the Microsoft SharePoint platform, including Intranet portals, collaboration sites, content management, business process automation and custom web apps. The powerful search engine can index both SharePoint and external content (such as file servers or other corporate information systems) to allow users for full text search within millions of documents and records in an instant. Facilitating the Applications Programing Interfaces (APIs) and web services, we can integrate the SharePoint based solutions with any other corporate system such as ERP, Call center, Public web site, etc. 

Building solutions based on SharePoint lowers the Total Cost of Ownership by utilizing a wide range of built in features and functionalities. SharePoint is a mature and well-adopted platform, supported and updated continuously by one of the biggest software vendors worldwide – Microsoft. There are huge number of partners, consultants and developers with great expertize in SharePoint technologies. Therefore, SharePoint based solutions offers great potential for a long-term investment and independability from the solution provider for support and future development compared to a custom solution. Internal key users can easily learn to use the platform and extend the solutions as well. Paraflow has successfully implemented many solutions based on MS SharePoint both as on premise architectures and in the cloud – as part of Office 365. The flexible deployment options and subscription plans offers very wide ranges of scalability – from several users to hundreds of thousands of users.

1. News Quick and easily add important announcements and news. Rich HTML content, What You See Is What You Get (WYSIWYG) editing, Images, Videos and Links are available out of the box. There are options for user ratings / likes, comments and more.   

2. Phonebook SharePoint integrates with the corporate Active Directory to synchronize user profiles. Furthermore, it extends the profiles with many additional fields and features. There are many attractive and exciting possibilities to present this information in the web, such as organization hierarchies / organigrams, lists and tiles/cards. In addition, personal user sites can be provisioned, leveraging social features like sharing, micro blogging, following, comments, ratings, likes, etc.  

3. Internal documents There is a sufficient amount of internal documents, policies and procedures within any organization. All these documents can be centrally stored and managed in SharePoint. Users can easily search and navigate with the help of dynamic views and hierarchies. SharePoint can also support the process creation/authoring and modification/version control of these internal documents. In addition, users can subscribe for content modification notifications. There are number of policies for automated content management such as validity/expiration, archiving, content disposal and more

4. Business cards A sample application for business process automation. This workflow allows ordering of printed business cards, based on the user profile data already available in SharePoint. The export of the ordered business cards is in suitable format for the advertising/printing company. Users can also easily export electronic vCard (vcf file).  

5. Internal documents

MS SharePoint provides the necessary infrastructure to support an internal (departmental) sites network that can be utilized to satisfy the need for collaboration, storing and sharing documents and other electronic content.

  • Increase information worker efficiency with better document discovery and collaboration

  • Centralized storage and management of documents with better availability, security and regulatory compliance capabilities

  • Replace paper based processes with fast, efficient and trackable electronic workflows

  • User driven authoring of rich web content with no code

  • Documents and Images

  • Electronic forms, lists and spreadsheets

  • Wiki pages

  • Blogs

  • News

  • Contacts, Tasks, Links, and other custom lists

  • Calendars

  • Discussion boards

  • Surveys

  • Web pages

  • Sub sites 

6. Enterprise search One of the greatest features of MS SharePoint is its search engine. You can search in full-text within terabytes of documents, pages and other data virtually in a matter of seconds. All search results are security trimmed, based on the current user’s privileges. There options for refining the search result, based on different fields, such as author, date of last modification, document type, etc. There are many customizable search-driven web parts and display templates that offer great capabilities for data visualization and presentation.

7. Project management SharePoint sites can be provisioned for each project utilizing predefined templates. Project management sites could contain project documents, teams, events, risk management and issue tracking lists as well as knowledge base and project task, basically everything needed for project management support. Tasks and other items such as events can be represented in Gantt chart style diagrams.    

8. Document management (DMS)

Paraflow Communications has developed a SharePoint document management system, which allows organizations to automate all internal file keeping processes. The DMS solution covers Document registration and processing, automated task distribution and tracking, notifications, electronic document authoring and versioning, content management, archiving and disposal. The system also ships with a number of very useful reports for tracking and monitoring the processes and activities.

9. Self Service BI MS SharePoint is part of the Microsoft BI stack and it provides a number of features and capabilities facilitating the creation and sharing of interactive BI dashboards. The self-service BI portal is built on top of the SQL Server Analysis Services, SQL Server Reporting Services, Excel Services, PowerPivot and PowerView technologies and it utilizes multitier client-server architecture to provide great scalability, manageability and performance. Interactive dashboards can be easily created by key business users in a web based designer environment and can aggregate data from different models and sources. End users can view, share, interact, modify and enrich the dashboards in real-time.

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