The Business applications are the right instrument for every modern manager

Special interview for Manager Magazine with Nikolay Avramov - General Manager and Co-Founder of Paraflow Communications - a leading system integrator and one of the largest Bulgarian IT companies

Business management systems assist in making the right and timely business decisions, says Nikolay Avramov, Managing Director of Paraflow Communications

- Mr. Avramov, according to the market research, the business is interested in implementing business information systems, including ERP (CRM) and CRM (CRM) systems. In your opinion, what is this due to?

- There are some reasons about this growth of „Business Aplications“. These Business Intelligence (BI) systems collect and analyze financial data, unify the production processes, improve business and marketing activities of companies and allow businesses to better understand their customers' needs. These decisions and systems have a convenient and easy to operate interface, that’s why more and more companies implementing them. Our aim in Paraflow – the decisions, that we are implementing, to be easily accessible and convenient for use both by management and specialists at different levels. In order to make the right and timely business decisions, it is important to have real and clear information and the business applications do just that.

- Where is the Bulgarian business in the adoption of cloud solutions?

- According to a survey by Ipsos Mori 67% of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Bulgaria use some kind of cloud service. This research shows that the companies in Central and Eastern Europe are significantly more open to cloud solutions compared to the same business segment in Western Europe. According to another research, companies that have already used cloud solutions, have 2.5 times higher annual profits than their competitors who are skeptical of the new technology. Bulgarian companies highly appreciate the ability to have fast and trouble-free access to their data and analysis from anywhere without investing in their own infrastructure. Successful migration of a company's infrastructure and applications to the cloud requires working with a trusted IT partner with cloud services and a team of certified professionals.

- Do you have projects in other countries?

- Our team has been working hard to build a case management system in the Supreme Court of Malawi in Southeast Africa. We hope to be able to bring this valuable experience to our territory.

As a general manager and co-founder of the leading Bulgarian IT company Paraflow Communications, Nikolay Avramov is among the most experienced and knowledgeable IT consultants in the country. He acquired his MSc degree at St. Petersburg’s State Electrotechnical University LETI and his PhD degree at the Institute of Mathematics at the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences on the topic of “Design of multiprocessor systems”. Later hi continue development of the topic at the University of Manchester, UK. Among his social activities is current membership of the board of Bulgarian Association of Information Technology (BAIT). Photo: Manager Magazine

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