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The conference "Your data hides business secrets" revealed modern methods of analysis

The most active participants in the discussions won Vouchers for preliminary analysis for business system implementation

The conference organized by the leading Bulgarian IT company Paraflow Communications was held at the Vitosha Hotel and brought together managers and experts from the financial sector. Topics related to data analysis and management from both a business perspective and an IT perspective were discussed.

"We’re living in a world of growing data and data management. The reason for this is the complex business processes and dynamics of the amount of data that organizations work with. Influencing technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML), for example, are also having an impact, ”said Nikolai Avramov, CEO of Paraflow Communications.

Thanks to the processes of data accumulation and new technologies, new dimensions are reached in the use of information. Legislative regulations such as the GDPR, data sharing requirements for financial institutions through various directives such as PSD2 and other security challenges also intervene in the whole process, "he added.

"We from Paraflow, as a consultant for the implementation of business management systems, decided to start open discussions. In this way, we want to share not only our experience in IT area but also interesting aspects of the projects we are working on", said Zornitsa Yordanova, Project Manager of Paraflow Communications.

Guests of the event were proven specialists from the financial industry and in particular Kamelia Lulcheva Pancheva of DSK Bank, Stoyan Deevski of PwC Bulgaria and Ivaylo Pavlov of 4Finance.

After the conference, it became clear that each audit begins with an assessment of the risk to the business and how important it is to define the right KPIs (key indicators) for taking effective decisions.

Also, the communication and motivation of the individual teams is very important.. In many organizations, incoming information is updated every hour, so good data visualization is important to monitor specific indicators and analyze results on the go

"Data is the biggest capital of companies," said Daniel Radoikov, business consultant Of Paraflow Communications. He showed what secrets can be hidden behind the various indicators and how reporting has changed in 10 years.

Daniel Radoykov demonstrated one of the most modern business systems Qlik Sense, and also led a discussion in the IT panel with the participation of experienced managers Mihail Todorov from Express Life Insurance and Vladimir Djidjishev from IUTE Credit Europe.

As a conclusion from the IT discussion, it became clear that the Qlik Sense business analysis platform frees up IT resources, speeds up data processing and preparation of the necessary reports and analyzes. The business becomes more independent from the IT department in the respective organization with the system Qlik Sence

Paraflow's conference was held in a crowded hall, and also received a wide response on social networks.

Paraflow will continue with similar open discussions, which will be useful for specialists and managers from different sectors of the economy.


For any further information and consultations, please do not hesitate to contact the Paraflow's Team.


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