Why now is the perfect time to implement Business Intelligence (BI) solution?

6 reasons to implement Business Intelligence (BI) solution right away. We mean it – right now in 2020 year!

1. Work independence

Independence at work has many dimensions. It may be related to resources, lack of external influences, mitigation of certain risks, unclear markets and sales plans and many others.

By implementing a Business Intelligence solution, we gain access to all data, information and analyses of our company. This kind of solution is appropriate and useful both in a crisis situation, in particular COVID-19, and a useful tool when we are away. It allows us to work remotely from the villa or the seaside during the summer, to stay at home for a day occasionally and still to be sufficiently informed for making the adequate business decisions. This solution enables your independent business from many factors and digitalizes your decision making.

2. Boost the productivity and the efficiency

Employees often complain of overworking , businesses suffocate with delayed payments, not enough customers for the developed products and services, or lack of expertise and resources to empower the business growth. But even more often it turns out that our business is not efficient enough and this causes a number of problems. What if I told you that there is an easy solution for all of this problems? – It is Qlik. By implementing Qlik BI solution, we will gather all the data of the organization and will be able to analyze it in a holistic way, to monitor the overall processes and to identify the link between the individual tasks and the company goals much more clearly. By using this tool we will find hidden dependencies, we will focus the work more easily towards achieving concrete results, we will analyze the processes and we will connect actions to goals and results, we will be able to monitor the company’s dynamics every minute, wherever we are located.

3. Monitoring and sharing of information, key indicators, implementation

How do we currently monitor all data related to payments, deliveries, goods, stocks, invoices, customer inquiries, customer complaints, customer behavior, product life cycle, customer loyalty, logistics, task execution and all the data and information in general which our business is generating on a daily basis? With Qlik solutions, which Paraflow has been implementing for more than 10 years, managers can easily and quickly monitor all this data in a much more efficient way, doing it remotely, from home, from the villa, from the car and even during other meetings. The exceptional Paraflow expertise and know-how for developing reports and analyzes, empower our customer with the necessary information in an accessible and easy way, through all the different perspectives needed for decision-making.

4. Turn data into a tool for decision-making

In the data of the company can be found all the answers to the questions managers ask, the solutions to all the problems and patterns for strategic moves.

Data-based solutions are critical for marketing, manufacturing, finance and accounting, human resources, logistics, administration for all of us. Transforming the data and analyses into a tool available to management ensures the rapid growth of the company and is the easiest way to transform the business into an innovative way of working.

5. Integrate all data into one application

Very often finding the right exact information is not a simple task. The information is scattered in all sorts of places, different systems, departments and separate files. Paraflow's Business Intelligent solution gives you the ability to gather all this data in one place without the additional need to purchase hardware.

6. Increasing the customer satisfaction

The customer satisfaction is the surest way to achieve our business goals and develop it. Business Intelligent solution that Paraflow offers pays special attention to the analysis of the customers and their behavior. This helps the whole marketing process, including product development, customer service, sales, advertising, sales and more. As a matter of fact the companies that have already implemented this tool have boosted their sales, because they have discovered hidden patterns.

In our opinion, these are the six main reasons why you should contact the specialists of Paraflow and implement our Business intelligence solution. Paraflow's business intelligence solution is suitable for any type of business, regardless of its size or industry and the currents state of its technological development. You, as a business owner , will be able to see the results even in the first month of use. That is why you shouldn’t waste more time and take the opportunity now and make the first step.

You can also receive the business solution as a voucher. Paraflow is an approved ICT provider of the voucher scheme for the provision of information and communication technology services (ICT services) to micro, small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), implemented by the Executive Agency for SME Promotion.

For any further information and consultations, please do not hesitate to contact the Paraflow's Team.

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