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DELL Technology - Data storage and Protection solutions

Paraflow has extensive experience in the integration, design and construction of data centers, backup disaster recovery centers, complete infrastructure solutions, a wide range of data storage, protection and archiving systems. Paraflow is a longtime partner of EMC.


An IDC study shows that the volume of data worldwide in 2009 amounted to 0.8ZB (1ZB = 1 trillion GB), and in 2020 will reach 35ZB.

The unstoppable growth of data poses serious challenges to specialists in the field of information technology. The main ones are:

  • Back up ever-growing data for backup within an increasingly limited backup window.

  • The complexity associated with managing multiple devices and storing media in traditional tape data protection solutions.

  • Increasing the requirements (RTO and RPO) of the business regarding the availability of critical systems and minimizing the downtime.

One of the modern technologies to deal with these challenges is centralized backup with deduplication - a technology that avoids the storage of duplicate data blocks.



EMC DATADOMAIN - specialized disk arrays for backup, using source-based deduplication and / or target-based inline deduplication.

EMC AVAMAR - a complete solution that includes specialized software and backup hardware using source-based deduplication.

Depending on where the deduplication process takes place, it is of two types - source based (the process is performed on the server) and target based (the process is performed on the disk array). The choice of the type of deduplication in a given system is based on many factors (application software, network throughput, data volume, time window, etc.), and hybrid implementations are possible.


increasingly require the use of new technologies for recording backup data on specialized disk drives by deduplication. It is recommended to use two systems: productive - located in the main data center of the organization, and backup - located in the backup center. Productive data is copied to the backup via replication.

The main ADVANTAGES when using solutions for centralized backup on disk devices with deduplication are:

• Increasing the speed of data recording (backup), which allows you to fit the process into a smaller time window. • Significantly increase the speed of data recovery (restore) in case of need. • Improving these parameters also allows the achievement of lower values ​​of residence time (RPO and RTO). • Easy monitoring and management of backup and restore processes from one console.


In the recent past, users relied on the traditional physical disk array (storage) to meet their information needs. The development of technologies such as virtualization and the trend towards consolidation of multiple systems from one or more data centers (ICs) of the organization have set new requirements for the ways of management and access to disk space. To keep up with these new requirements, disk systems had to evolve into new methods of freeing data from their physical attachment to disk devices. Disk space must now maintain connectivity to virtual environments while providing automation, integration with existing infrastructure, resource provisioning, security, high availability, and cost-effectiveness.


the family of devices is the latest generation of data mobility and resource federation solutions, both within one and between several ICs of the organization. VPLEX in combination with EMC virtual storage technologies such as FAST (fully automated storage tiering) transform disk arrays in the same way that server virtualization technology changes physical servers - from dedicated single-purpose machines to highly efficient, flexible, aggregate resources. shared across multiple operating environments and geographic locations.

VPLEX is a device located between physical servers and heterogeneous disk systems that uses a unique cluster architecture that allows servers from one or more ICs to have read and write access to shared block disk drives.


  • Scale-out clustered hardware architecture, allowing starting with a small installation and upgrading in parallel with the needs of the organization.

  • Advance data caching technology uses large amounts of SDRAM cache memory to increase productivity and reduce the latency of I / O operations.

  • Distributed coherent cache for automatic sharing, balancing and switching to a backup component in case of failure of the main (failover) of I / O operations within the cluster.

  • Separation of resources into pools, allowing to achieve high levels of system availability and redistribution of workload within one or more ICs.

The VPLEX family contains three products:

  • EMC VPLEX Local - provides local federation of resources by providing simplified data management and mobility between heterogeneous disk arrays without system downtime

  • EMC VPLEX Metro - provides resource federation and data access to two VPLEX clusters in synchronous mode

  • EMC VPLEX Geo - provides access and mobility of data between two VPLEX clusters in asynchronous mode


Nowadays, business dynamics require IT resources and data to be constantly available and available. This fact makes it extremely important that there is a technical possibility in the data centers that the data can be recovered at any time.

The EMC RECOVERPOINT family of products makes disaster recovery easy and simple both within a single data center and between different data centers. In case of compromise or loss, the data can be recovered from the moment of loss and restored to a consistent state.

EMC RECOVERPOINT is the optimal solution for remote data storage in virtual environments. EMC RECOVERPOINT is the solution that allows you to protect any application in any array and anywhere, using point-to-time recovery and zero target recovery point (RPO).

The system improves the company's operational and disaster recovery processes by reducing data losses and reducing recovery time.

The EMC RECOVERPOINT family of products offers cost-effective solutions for local continuous data protection (CDP), continuous remote replication (CRR) and combined local and remote data protection (CLR), allowing data to be restored at a specific point in time.

RECOVERPOINT / SE is the basic capabilities solution that simplifies replication and continuous data protection for the EMC VNX, CLARiiON CX, CX3 UltraScale and CX4 arrays. RECOVERPOINT / EX supports local and remote replication for the arrays of the Symmetrix VMAX, Symmetrix VMAXe, VPLEX Local, VPLEX Metro, VNX series, as well as for the CLARiiON CX3 and CX4 arrays.

RECOVERPOINT / CL is a full-featured solution that adds support for smart factories, heterogeneous servers and heterogeneous storage platforms. All products are hardware and software systems designed to provide data protection in local and / or remote sites. They allow users to centralize and simplify data protection management and provide opportunities to recover data at almost any time.


For any further information and consultations, please do not hesitate to contact the Paraflow's Team.

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