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Everything as a Service - Game changer!

The business model offered by Paraflow has been absolutely mainstream over the past years

More devices that require control and protection.

Even more operating systems needing support.

And more and more providers to coordinate.

This is the reality and businesses require new type of service related to the selection, purchase and management of IT resources.

The leading Bulgarian IT company #Paraflow, in partnership with #HP, offers the all-encompassing Everything-as-a-Service solution, which combines all this by combining hardware, analysis and service management at every stage of the device life cycle with special attention to security.

The Everything as a Service (EaaS) formula is rapidly entering the modern world of digital transformation and offering managers more freedom to operate with their resources by reducing their capital costs. EaaS is an extremely attractive and flexible business model in which the customer pays only a predefined monthly amount for the services which he receives.

Everything as a Service from #Parflow helps companies optimize their IT assets and resources and have a full-fledged workplace that includes:

  • PC

  • Print Media Service (MPS)

  • Office 365

  • Protection and security

  • Monitoring, prevention and analysis of the condition of the devices

  • VPN

Paraflow consults companies in choosing the most appropriate devices and configurations - computers, printers, MFPs, mobile devices, monitors the achievement of low costs for quality printing and takes care of the supply of consumables. The IT company provides support from qualified specialists throughout the contract period. The model allows to conclude only one contract, but with many options, tailored to the specific business needs and realities.

pc print remote work
еverything as a service by paraflow

Diagram of how Everything-as-a-Service works



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