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Microsoft Azure - cloud solutions


Our hybrid cloud solutions allow you to leverage the latest technologies, making your business more flexible than ever. Our crew of experienced professionals can make an initial assessment of your on-premises environment and give recommendations on ways the cloud can broaden your abilities.    

  • Be certain your business will be on 24/7

  • Be sure about the safety of your data

  • Generate savings by paying only for what you use  


The new business environment of fierce competition oven at niche markets requires quick and dynamic approach. We apply a holistic approach coming from our 20-year of integration services experience, which allows you to react rapidly in changing surroundings. Use only what you need and pay only for what you use. Backup, disaster recovery, data protection or just a deployment of a new application – all that requires flexibility and long-sightedness that Microsoft Azure can server, so you can focus on your core business.  

  • Take care of business not IT

  • Be innovative

  • Your IT infrastructure grows alongside the business


Good old days of multi-year IT projects to implement a new system is at its end. Thanks to us, new systems (ERP, CRM or Web) can be created in minutes, giving your IT team enough time to focus on the end result. Also, work with partners can become easier by quickly integrating third-party applications with your Active Directory domain without deploying complex new infrastructure or application changes.  

  • Don’t put too much effort in creating solutions. Instead, proceed to their direct utilization

  • Quickly react to new business or government requirements

  • Quickly react when in need of new tools and applications


The common employee wants to be mobile, but this comes with new threats for your data. With Enterprise Mobility Suite offered by Microsoft you can be sure that your data is safe, and the users access only the information they need at the moment without being able to share it outside. Even when sharing is needed, it is done in a controlled manner and without fear of manipulation, because data is protected with Rights Management Services. Mobile devices are managed centrally and access to the company’s resources is well organised thanks to Intune. Meanwhile, applications which cannot be run natively on smartphones or tables can easily be started through RemoteApp. 

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Paraflow is Cloud Solution Provider (CSP) of Microsoft


For any further information and consultations, please do not hesitate to contact the Paraflow's Team.

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