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Office Printing Management

'Paraflow Green Print' is an integrated Office printing management solution. It helps reducing costs and improving accountability in the organization. The main advantages of this solution are the optimization of the load on the individual devices and the increase of printing security. Green Print is applicable to organizations of varying sizes and business orientation, with a small initial investment.

Green Print includes four main services that are all economical, efficient, and green.  


Audit, analysis and optimization service of the printing environment. It is suitable for organizations with high printing costs, more than one location and a large number of users.  


Takes care of the printing environment in the office - from the delivery of the devices and consumables, to ensuring the continuity of printing, monitoring, management and service processes.


A service that is a natural continuation of the outsourcing of the print environment. Includes monitoring, management and security of the printing processes in the organization.    


Security of the printing, compliant with corporate policy and rules in the organization and protection of personal data (GDPR). Provides the ability to print from a variety of mobile devices (phones and tablets), wherever the user is. The solution is suitable for hotels, restaurants, public buildings, airports and others.

Benefits of the Green Print App:

  • Exact cost allocation - Green Print provides you with the ability to report costs across different parameters, which may apply to individual users as well as to entire departments. 

  • Security and privacy - Paraflow's solution makes it possible for print documents to be stored on a secure server. Documents will not be printed until the user, who has the right to print on the selected device, logs in.

  • Device Efficiency  – Green Print allows you to define printing policies. It is possible to define each user on which devices they are allowed to print and which users can print in color. The solution allows you to automatically delete, hold, or forward print jobs to the most relevant multifunction device on the network.

  • Less IT maintenance  - thanks to the centralized management and monitoring environment, problems can be solved extremely quickly and efficiently. Centralized administration of office equipment provides a clear view of the status of each device. This improves service levels and reduces press calls to the service center.

  • References  – Green Print allows you to produce a brief, detailed or general activity report for certain users, departments or devices. With these reports, it can be easily estimated which user is printing the most, which of the devices is the busiest, and where problems usually occur. A clear idea of copying and printing is gained, and the use of ineffective devices is eliminated.

Why is it Green?

New printing devices emit less carbon dioxide into the atmosphere The network allows a group of people to use one device and is thus saved from electricity. In addition, there is more space in the office and less noise Network devices for medium and large groups of people who are part of the Green Print solution have lower copy costs, which also saves With new technologies, current consumption is reduced multiple times The new Auto OFF function consumes 26 times less power than the Sleep mode The solution allows better management of the output of documents, which leads to the suspension of indiscriminate printing in the office.


The team of Paraflow awaits you for more information and advice. Contact us by choosing the most convenient way for you to connect.


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