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Paraflow in partnership with Palo Alto Networks, a world leader in cybersecurity

#Paraflow with one more successful partnership - the American company Palo Alto Networks, a world leader in cybersecurity. With the #Innovator partnership level, Paraflow's team has the right to consult, sell and implement solutions to its current and new customers.

Palo Alto Networks was founded in 2005 and successfully offers reliable network and #cloud security solutions. The company's most recognizable product is the Next Generation Firewall solution, which is a firewall with extremely good recognition of applications in passing traffic. In this way, administrators can control in great detail what their company uses and reduce the risk of compromising their infrastructure. Palo Alto Networks has recently added an SD-WAN product to its portfolio so that it can now participate in this type of project.

In Bulgaria, Palo Alto Networks is represented by the local office of the Polish distributor #Clico.



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