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Qlik - Accelerate business value through data

Designed for endless uses

Qlik® is used in every industry and function, in a limitless number of ways.

Finance Analytics

For businesses to thrive, finance, accounting and reporting departments must deliver accurate and actionable insights in real time. Qlik synthesizes disparate financial and accounting data into powerful financial analytics that help you reduce costs and manage risks, improve profitability and transparency, and guide more informed decisions.

“At any time we can see income and expenditure for service lines, even getting a P&L for each patient. We're linked into the external data feeds so we can benchmark against peers too.”

Darran Hague, Head of Corporate Information, St. Helens & Knowsley Hospitals NHS Trust

Expense management with finance analytics

Qlik streamlines expense management by unifying siloed data and delivering more complete and accurate financial analytics insights. Finance teams can dig deeper into expense, procurement, and contract data to discover the real cost of doing business while identifying new ways to reduce costs and increase profitability.

Explore financial data without boundaries

Qlik's powerful Associative Engine lets you combine multiple, complex sources of data that can be explored in any direction. Analyze financial performance, develop forecasts and run highly flexible financial simulations. Imagine viewing last quarter's largest cost variances, then pivoting to identify the factors that drove them. Or, suppose you could see the relative IRR of your top five product lines over the past two years, and instantly shift your view based on geography, distribution model, or any other factors to gain deeper insight. With Qlik, you can always learn more by simply asking "Why?".


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