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    • Why Qlik is the most effective tool for business

      Paraflow has been the trusted partner in Bulgaria for more than 10 years. What are the 9 amazing opportunities that Qlik - a world leader in business analysis systems, gives organizations? In this article, we will reveal 9 typical advantages of the Qlik business analysis and business intelligence solution. It is a business management tool that provides fast and valuable information for decision-making at any time and in any area of activity: from finance through production to human resource management. 1. Natural analytics and data discovery Qlik performs the so-called 'natural analytics' through all available data stored in memory. By natural analytics we mean that the data search process does not follow predefined models, but searches for data and associations in the most natural way. Users can quickly and easily perform data discovery and analysis processes in Qlik applications. Qlik allows fast, natural, unlimited data retrieval, along with providing easy associations and collaboration with many other data sources. This feature is supported by patented second generation QIX functionality. This innovation enables users much easier and faster to access any data and information in the sea of ​​information resources of the organization. 2. Data collaboration and connectivity Qlik provides a unique service for accessing external data for the organization in the cloud (DaaS), called Qlik Data Market. Such a data market allows the user to extract data sets from various public sources. Public data related to currencies, population, demographics, economic indicators, weather conditions and more are available. It is possible to use RESTful API connectors to connect and integrate with data sources such as LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Adobe, Alfresco, Documentum and others. Practically, organizational data is no longer analyzed only in their internal context, but as part of the global economy. 3. Mobility and scalability Qlik mobile is compatible with iOS and Android devices. Mobile capabilities are getting better with each new version of Qlik. That way, users get great mobility and ease in analyzing data, generating reports and sharing on the go. We can use Qlik's mobile capabilities on any device such as a tablet, phone or laptop. This allows users to share files quickly, communicate better with other users, have more network users, and increases productivity. Qlik12 can have 2.5 times more new users per hour. We can scale traditional Qlik integration from a single user to a solution that serves thousands of users. 4. Social data discovery The discovery of social data offers the sharing of individual statistics and reports within or outside groups. The user can add annotations in addition to someone's insights into a data report, or also share bookmarks with data insights made by them with others. Qlik's user interactivity is enhanced by providing this feature, as users can also participate in live discussion sessions to ensure a well-thought-out step towards profit and business growth. 5. Enterprise platform capabilities This is one of the cleverest features of Qlik. It is designed to maximize the efficiency of any type of enterprise (small or large). Qlik offers all the functionality such as sharing and collaboration, data security regulations, focused analysis, an integrated framework for the efficient operation of the enterprise. Qlik also offers administrative tools, as it has an IT-based management console that controls, manages and properly deploys all other components of the architecture and services. In practice, this tool can be managed and scaled by the business organization itself, without the intervention of external consultants. 6. Interactive guided analytics During the process of data discovery and interpretation of the collected data, the system helps the user by offering various ready-made templates. The most common business analyzes and business models are offered automatically by the software, which guarantees optimal and informed decision-making. Qlik is intended for management, but can be used by any employee in need of data analysis. In this way, Qlik guarantees that the user will not miss any opportunity. The system offers charts, graphs, tables and other attractive visual aids for demonstrating and analyzing reports and even independent data. The user has full control and freedom to customize these applications and boards accordingly, not only according to their personal preferences, but also daily according to their dynamic needs. 7. In-memory storage technology Traditional BI tools use a disk and query-based system for storing and retrieving data. Qlik is a pioneer and has revolutionized data operation and analysis. In a traditional database arrangement, where data is stored on external memory disks and requests are sent as needed, the results show an extremely slow process of retrieving information. This often leads to a lack of the necessary data and information at the right time and decision-making, without being supported by the analysis of historical and financial indicators. While Qlik uses a patented architecture model, by means of which requesting a new reference or analysis does not load again and again the database from which the respective source records are drawn. Data from various sources (even from traditional sources such as data warehouses) is loaded into the system's RAM and is ready to be retrieved from there. 8. Associative model The associative data discovery model is one of the features of Qlik that makes it the most effective among its cousins. Traditionally, BI tools use a hierarchical approach to data retrieval. But Qlik optimizes this by reaching every single data field, its simplest and most independent point. 9. Comparative analysis The comparative analysis functionality is an extension of the associative model. In this way, different fields and data sets can be compared. Users or developers can select data sections or comparison states. This comparison is supported by tables, charts, graphs for better assimilation and analysis of the compared data. With the help of this, rare dependencies and manifestations or exceptions in the business can be detected. #Qlik helps the user make effective decisions, analyze data, and turn data into profitable information. And the implementation of #Paraflow manages to do all this in the easiest and most accessible way possible, regardless of the knowledge and level of IT competence of the management, operations officer or entrepreneur.

    • Everything as a Service - Game changer!

      The business model offered by Paraflow is absolute ‘mainstream’ in 2020 More devices that require control and protection. Even more operating systems needing support. And more and more providers to coordinate. This is the reality in 2020 and businesses require new type of service related to the selection, purchase and management of IT resources. The leading Bulgarian IT company #Paraflow, in partnership with #HP, offers the all-encompassing Everything-as-a-Service solution, which combines all this by combining hardware, analysis and service management at every stage of the device life cycle with special attention to security. The Everything as a Service (XaaS) formula is rapidly entering the modern world of digital transformation and offering managers more freedom to operate with their resources by reducing their capital costs. XaaS is an extremely attractive and flexible business model in which the customer pays only a predefined monthly amount for the services which he receives. Everything as a Service from #Parflow helps companies optimize their IT assets and resources and have a full-fledged workplace that includes: PC Print Media Service (MPS) Office 365 Protection and security Monitoring, prevention and analysis of the condition of the devices VPN Paraflow consults companies in choosing the most appropriate devices and configurations - computers, printers, MFPs, mobile devices, monitors the achievement of low costs for quality printing and takes care of the supply of consumables. The IT company provides support from qualified specialists throughout the contract period. The model allows to conclude only one contract, but with many options, tailored to the specific business needs and realities in the critical year 2020. Diagram of how Everything-as-a-Service works #XaaS #Paraflow #HP #Remotework #Office #Optimization

    • Everything as a Service - промяна на играта!

      Предлаганият от Парафлоу бизнес модел е абсолютен ‘mainstream’ през 2020 година Все повече устройства за управление и защита. Все повече операционни системи за поддръжка. Все повече доставчици за координация. Това е реалността през 2020 година и бизнесът има нужда от нов тип услуга, свързана с избора, закупуването и управлението на ИТ ресурсите. Водещата българска ИТ компания #Парафлоу, в партньорство с #HP, предлага всеобхватното решение Everything-as-a-Service, което обединява всичко това, като комбинира хардуер, анализ и управление на услугите на всеки етап от жизнения цикъл на устройствата с особено внимание към сигурността. Формулата Everything as a Service (XaaS) навлиза скоростно в модерния свят на дигитална трансформация и дава по-голяма свобода на мениджърите да управляват своите ресурси, като намаляват капиталовите си разходи. XaaS е изключително привлекателен и гъвкав бизнес модел, при който клиентът заплаща само предварително дефинирана месечна сума за услугите, които получава. Everything as a Service от #Парафлоу помага на компаниите да оптимизират своите ИТ активи и ресурси и да имат пълноценно работно място, което да включва: PC Обслужване на печатащата среда (MPS) Office 365 Защита и сигурност Мониторинг, превенция и анализ на състоянието на устройствата VPN Парафлоу консултира фирмите в избора на най-подходящите устройства и конфигурации - компютри, принтери, МФУ, мобилни устройства, следи за постигането на ниски разходи за качествен печат и се грижи за доставката на консумативи. ИТ компанията предоставя поддръжка от квалифицирани специалисти през целия период на договора. Моделът позволява да се сключи само един договор, но с много опции, съобразени с конкретните бизнес нужди и реалностите през критичната 2020 година. Схема как работи Everything-as-a-Service Парафлоу е дългогодишен Златен партньор на HP Inc. Прочетете за участието на Парафлоу в икономическия форум "Шумът на парите", където за първи път бе представено решението Еverithing as a Service #XaaS #Paraflow #HP #Remotework #Office #Optimization

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    • IT for Business | България

      A0 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5 Оптимизирай бизнеса НАВРЕМЕ Решения Ние сме екип от ИТ инженери и консултанти, които разрешават бизнес предизвикателства с най-добрите съвременни технологични решения Бизнес приложения Системна интеграция Техническо обслужване Консултантски дейности На фокус Eфективни ИТ решения, препоръчани от нас Проекти През 2020 година дигиталната трансформация е в ход във всички сектори на икономиката. Парафлоу има опит и ноу-хау във внедряване на проекти в следните отрасли: Финанси Образование Здравеопазване Публична администрация Енергетика и комунални услуги Търговия Индустрия Paraflow has built a top case management system for us. A new era has begun for the judiciary where, through IT, staff and court users can easily access the courts and get instant information about that status of cases they are involved in and what the next stage will be. Together with our IT partner, we have produced a very efficient and effective case management system. ​ Dunstain Fipaumutima MWAUNGULU Malawi Supreme Court Прочетете повече Блог Новини и бизнес статии Партньори Клиенти Сертификати Екипът на Парафлоу Ви очаква за допълнителна информация и консултации! Свържете се с нас

    • 25 | Mysite

      25 Пътуване от хиляди километри започва с първия полет Научете повече ПЪТУВАНЕ ОТ ХИЛЯДИ КИЛОМЕТРИ ЗАПОЧВА С ПЪРВИЯ ПОЛЕТ 25 години ​ #Paraflow #FlywithUs Полетяхме в ИТ света преди 25 години. ​ Днес имаме зад гърба си: успешни проекта стратегически партньорства 2 500+ 20+ 500+ доволни клиенти в страната и чужбина ​ И със същия хъс продължаваме да правим това, в което сме най-добри: ​ DIGITAL TRANSFORMATIONS NEXT GENERATION IT SOLUTIONS TRADITIONAL IT SOLUTIONS CYBER SECURITY CONSULTING AS A SERVICE SUPPORT ​ ​ Оптимизирай бизнеса НАВРЕМЕ

    • БИЗНЕС АНАЛИЗ | Mysite

      Увеличете стойността на бизнеса чрез анализ на вашите данни Искате ли да анализирате непрекъснато данните от дейността си? Кои са най-честите бизнес въпроси, които си задавате? Тези кратки видеа ще отговорят на голяма част от вашите въпроси и ще ви отведат към . най-ефективния начин за вземане на мениджърски решения ​ Като на Изпълнителната агенция за насърчаване на малките и средните предприятия, ние извършваме внедряването напълно безплатно за нашите клиенти. Станете един от тях още сега! одобрен доставчик на Ваучери за ИКТ услуги Научете повече или се свържете директно с нас. Научете на световния лидер в областта на , внедряван вече десетилетие в страната и чужбина от Парафлоу. подробности за решението Business Intelligence (BI) системите - Qlik ​ 1 minute Video Влизане 1 minute Video Възпроизвеждане на видеото Share Whole Channel This Video Facebook Twitter Pinterest Tumblr Копиране на линка Link Copied Търсене на видео... Всички категории Всички категории Now Playing ОТНЕМА ЛИ ВИ МНОГО ВРЕМЕ СЛЕДЕНЕТО И ИЗПЪЛНЕНИЕТО НА ТЪРГОВСКИТЕ ТАРГЕТИ? 01:00 Възпроизвеждане на видеото Now Playing ИМА ЛИ СЕЗОННОСТ В ПРОДАЖБИТЕ ВИ? 00:53 Възпроизвеждане на видеото Now Playing ИМАТЕ ЛИ ПРОБЛЕМ С ОПТИМИЗИРАНЕТО НА СКЛАДОВАТА НАЛИЧНОСТ? 00:56 Възпроизвеждане на видеото Now Playing МОЖЕТЕ ЛИ ДА КАТЕГОРИЗИРАТЕ ПРАВИЛНО ВАШИТЕ КЛИЕНТИ? 01:27 Възпроизвеждане на видеото

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